2024 Spotlight International Piano Competition | Categories and Rules
Piano Competition Categories
‍Young Artist Category (ages 18–35)
Senior Category (Ages 14–17)
Junior Category (Ages 10–13)
Preliminary and Semi-Final Round

Repertoire Requirements
All contestants are required to submit a minimum of TWO solo piano pieces, each
showcasing contrasting styles. At least one selection must be from either Baroque or Classical Period.

The total combined duration of all pieces should not exceed the following Maximum allotted time:

Young Artist Category (15 minutes)
Senior Category (12 minutes)
Junior Category (8 minutes)
Final Round

Repertoire Requirements
All Finalists are required to submit a high quality, NEW recording consisting a complete program, including pieces from the previous rounds, as well as additional pieces. Minimum duration of the program for each category must not be less than:

Young Artist Category (25 minutes)
Senior Category (15 minutes)
Junior Category (10 minutes)
Eligibility Rules
1. This piano competition is open to pianists of any nationality worldwide between the ages of 10-35.
2. Participants in all categories must meet the qualifying age by the date of application. All winners will be required to provide legal photo ID as proof of age.
3. A contestant may participate if one of the jurors is their current principal teacher.However, the juror may not assess the performance of this particular contestantin the current year.
Video Rules
1. All performances must be from memory.
2. Contestants should submit recordings of each performance selection without any editing or splicing. Evidence of splicing will lead to instant disqualification.
3. Recordings need not be made in a single session.
4. Lengthy sections of repeats may be omitted.
5. Performance videos must feature high-quality audio with no distortions. Utilizing separate audio recording equipment is highly recommended.
6. No changes to the program are permitted once the application has been submitted and received.
7. Video recordings should display a side view of the contestant, ensuring clear visibility of the contestant's profile and hands.
8. The performance video should not include any introduction or speaking by the contestant. Only titles and composers' information may be included in the video.
9. All performance videos must be recorded within SIX months from the time of registration for the 2024 Spotlight International Competitions.
10. The decisions made by the judges are final. Judges retain the right to not place a winner in any category if they determine that no contestant is sufficiently qualified to receive a prize.